Chilean flower visitors

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This database contains a large dataset of Chilean flower visitors (insects) with 12,001 records from 118 species of 21 families belonging to four orders (Hymenoptera, Diptera, Lepidoptera, and Coleoptera), comprising over a century of data. This dataset contains samples from six major institutions in Chile (National Museum of Natural History, University of Chile, Metropolitan University of Education Sciences, Austral University of Chile, the Chilean Agricultural and Livestock Bureau, and Luis Peña's private entomological collection). A first effort to digitize this information was made in 2008 through the IABIN project that gathered pollinator datasets from Latin America (led by Cecilia Smith-Ramirez and conducted by Karen Yañez, supported by the Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity - IEB), but when the funding was over, the database became offline. Now, in the frame of the SURPASS2 project, we recovered this dataset, and performed a major data cleaning, updated the taxonomy, checked the geographic coordinates (where available), and standardized it to DarwinCore to make it freely available through GBIF. This endeavor adds to a previous dataset published in 2020, aiming to make this natural legacy open to everyone and encourage more research in this field.

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Occurrence; bee; flies; beetles; butterflies; Chile; Specimen; Specimen


Manuel Lopez-Aliste
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Francisco Fonturbel
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Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso
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Cecilia Smith-Ramirez
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Karen Yañez
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Antonio Saraiva
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Universidade de Sao Paulo
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Christian Jofre-Perez
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Universidad de Playa Ancha

Geographic Coverage

Most of the Chilean continental territory is covered, with some specimens from Argentina, Peru, and Ecuador that were held at the collections included in this dataset.

Bounding Coordinates South West [-56.365, -76.992], North East [-13.923, -60.117]

Taxonomic Coverage

This dataset contains 118 species from 21 families belonging to four orders: Hymenoptera, Diptera, Coleoptera, Lepidoptera

Order Hymenoptera (Bees), Diptera (Flies), Coleoptera (Beetles), Lepidoptera (Butterflies)

Temporal Coverage

Start Date / End Date 1905-01-01 / 2010-12-31

Project Data

SURPASS2 is an international partnership between Argentina, Brazil, Chile and the UK, working on pollinators and pollination services in South America. Our objectives are to develop knowledge, build capacity and define tangible actions for conservation and sustainable use of pollinators. SURPASS2 will deliver evidence for the creation of resilient pollination services for sustainable economic growth, positive agricultural and environmental outcomes for improved human health and wellbeing. Through our research activities, we are providing crucial knowledge to food producers, policy-makers, land managers and the public who need better evidence based tools to support decision making for sustainable outcomes. We aim to offer improvements to the future cultural and social recognition of the vital roles that pollinators, and those that work with them, play in sustaining crop production and ecosystem functioning.

Title Safeguarding pollination services in a changing world: theory into practice (SURPASS2)
Identifier NE/S011870/1
Funding NERC (UK) and ANID (Chile)
Study Area Description Continental Chile

The personnel involved in the project:

Francisco Fonturbel
Manuel Lopez-Aliste
Christian Jofre-Perez

Sampling Methods

Insect samples collected throughout Chile, dried and pinned at scientific collections.

Study Extent This database contains the specimens recorded in six scientific collections in Chile. Main flower visitor insect groups were represented in this database
Quality Control A deep data quality control procedure was applied to clean the original database (i.e., the one generated in 2008 by the IABIN project) as it presented several problems. Also, this database contains very old records from different collections, the quality level of the information presented is variable and we urge caution when using location data from samples collected before 1950. Taxonomy updated with Taxon Match. After a deep taxonomic revision process, we have four species with partially unresolved taxonomy, being recognized to the genus level by GBIF taxon match. Therefore, we urge caution when using records belonging to those four species (Mordella erythrura, Mordella luctuosa, Trichophthalma philippi, and Trichophthalma herbsti).

Method step description:

  1. Database curation for data quality and accuracy.
  2. Database curation for taxonomy.

Collection Data

Collection Name Universidad Austral de Chile
Collection Identifier UACH
Collection Name Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación
Collection Identifier UMCE
Parent Collection Identifier Instituto de Entomologia
Collection Name Museo Nacional de Historia Natural
Collection Identifier MNHN
Collection Name Universidad de Chile
Collection Identifier UCH
Collection Name Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero
Collection Identifier SAG
Collection Name Colección de Luis Peña
Collection Identifier CELP
Specimen preservation methods Dried,  Pinned

Additional Metadata

The processing and updating of this database was funded by the SURPASS2 project: https://bee-surpass.org

Purpose The purpose of this dataset is to digitize the natural legacy of six major scientific collections in Chile, making it available to anyone that wants to use this information for research or informative purposes.
Maintenance Description No regular maintenance planned.
Alternative Identifiers http://gbif-chile.mma.gob.cl/ipt/resource?r=flower_visitors